Whether you are looking for language support, legal advice, setting up a business, building a house, choosing materials for interiors or managing all of the above...McSwell Studio does it all!

Project Management

Project definition and presentation

Acting as liaison between the client and the team that carries out the tasks.


After the initial idea is drafted, it is required to plan, fine-tuning and establishing deadlines, people in charge, resources and costs. That should be reflected onto a document guiding the process.

Establishing Targets

These are sometimes defined by the client, whereas other times the Project Manager defines them.

Task Supervision

Maintaining a strategic vision of the project at all times, both in terms of tasks and workforce performance, is paramount. Efficient supervision is key to project success, especially when different work groups are involved.

Solution or Change Implementation

Projects are “living creatures”, meaning things change as the project evolves. Solid project management involves understanding the changing nature of projects as an opportunity to find solutions that benefit the client.


Initial Concept Design

McSwell Studio works closely with their clients to create spaces that sync with the lifestyle and aesthetic of the client. We offer innovative, custom solutions for a targeted style of living, while keeping all of the local administrative requirements into account.

Structural Engineering

Building calculations and site loads are carefully calculated by a local licensed engineer. Structural engineering ensures that new or existing structures are safe and withstand the elements to which they are exposed.

Licenses & Contractor Support

In order to request a construction permit, a “Proyecto Básico” is created which includes a description, breakdown of constructed and habitable square meters, dimensioned plans, structural systems, process, materials, sanitation and urbanization requirements. The “Proyecto de Ejecución” is then created to request an accurate price bid from contractors.

Regulations & Building Styles

The architect creates plans complying with the building codes, fire regulations, zoning laws and city ordinances of the construction site. To do this properly, the latest energy-efficient products and building styles are applied.

Interior Design

Interior Concept

McSwell Studio offers innovative solutions for interior spaces that contextually fit in their environment. We draw sketches, architectural plans and create 3-D models to help communicate the ideas to the client.

Material Selection + Color Palettes

Together with our clients, we to choose material floor and wall finishes, paint palettes, plumbing fixtures, lighting and even furniture and decoration to create cohesive interiors. We ensure that the details are not overlooked!

Lighting Design

Electrical plans and lighting selection is another service that McSwell offers to clients which is not normally included in finished houses in Spain. Types of fixtures, intensity of the light, electrical sun shading and exterior house lighting should all be planned in accordance with the construction of the house.

Kitchen Design

Kitchens are typically not included in Spain’s house construction processes. McSwell Studio collaborates with specialty kitchen manufacturers and offers this added service to the client.

Quality Control

Quality Assurance

McSwell Studio offers a technical architect whose role is to ensure that the project or performed service meets client requirements.

Site Analysis & Plans

Some people have purchased properties in the region in which construction is not legal. We help to ensure that your site is legal and can obtain all the required construction permits. If there are doubts or the building is a renovation, we do a site appraisal and create a site plan and research the legal requirements.

Quality Control & Progress Updates

A technical architect (aparajedor) visits the construction site to ensure material quality, oversee that the project is being built according to project plans and resolve any potential issue. Photos and messages are sent to the client via WhatsApp to track progress and establish an efficient line of communication.

Interested In Our Services

Language Support

We find support for the language of the client regardless of where they come from.

Legal Support

We offer consultation for foreigners when it comes to legal status, business operations, buying land or other items that need an attorney.

Accounting Support

When it comes to doing taxes in Spain, obtaining a tax ID number and other business implications, we offer you full support services.